Eyewealthsnet is a press-blog/network page created ten years ago for the furtherance of Gospel Mission on earth.

One morning in my teens right in Secondary School, i woke up and started to write on the things/words that comes up in my eyes, in my head, in my ear, and in my heart.  It felt like someone was whispering to me.  It must be the Holy Spirit.

I spent most of my time meditating and writing.  Since then, i started talking about the beauties of the kingdom of God and contemporary living on earth – Gospel Truths, Missions & Relations.

I wrote anywhere and about anything everywhere.  God himself was instilling in me the write lifestyle.  Today, I write with too much enthusiasm and compassion for you and I to learn more and be blessed in different ways.

It is my honour to introduce some writings to you. It all encompasses walking alongside the compass of God with right character daily to create or live a life that pleases God.

Thank you for your presence here.


The writings herein focuses on enriching lifes’ with the revelational truth embedded in the word of God.

The world is being transformed daily by the power of Jesus Christ, bringing people closer and leading them unto the Kingdom of God in reconciliation for an eternal life in glory.

I welcome you on this page with a heart full of contentment realizing that we need each other to survive.

Thank you so much for choosing to spend time here with me.

For more insight please check in blog posts.