Hello world!

In 2002, I set out from the ghetto travelling up the coast on a journey into states in Africa. In many ways, my African journey has continued ever since. As a young writer and research analyst, i was fortunate enough to witness the surge of energy and enthusiasm that accompanied independence. As a correspondent based in Nigeria for years, my experience was more often related to wars, revolution and upheaval. As a research analyst i sought deeper perspectives on modern Africa. Along the way I have met with much generosity and goodwill. Many people on several occasions have given me valuable assistance. To list them here would misplace emphasis. But for the innmerable acts of kindness, of hospitality and of friendship I have received, I am profoundly grateful. What has always impressed me over the years is the resilience and humour which ordinary African confront their many adversities. Godbless as you await the releaase of my book. “Unleashing The State of Africa”- A History of Years Of Independence. ‘You cannot even begin to acknowledge contemporary African Politics if you have not read this unfinished fascinating book’ ANYAKU ALICHO ONYEBUCHI.