Representatives of Christ

The Children of God are called to be representatives of Christ, unveiling the Zoe kind of life, the goodness and mercies of God.

Jesus came here on earth to reveal to you and I the character of our heavenly father. How much more we. What are we doing with all the time we have. We have to continue in that mission to proclaim the goodness and God and live the Zoe kind of life so through us Christ is revealed to the world.

We are stewards, we are all on assignments, or missions. As God sent Jesus to the world so is Jesus is sending us into the world to do his God’s will and to occupy until his second coming to take those who belong to him.

Do you belong to Jesus?

Are you living a life that pleases him.

Prayer: Lord thank you for your word. Come and do with us whatever you will. Thank you for your word and unfailing love.