Filling The Emptiness with God’s Word.

Dear Loves,

The word of God is real food to us. We can not imagine going on and about without food and drink that will boost our Life. Life is given by God, it is through his word and living a Christian life that we can actually attain the Super promises of God himself.

It is not a joke. Every moment of our life the Holy Spirit whispers to us in seconds. We pray that God guides and overwhelm us with a discerning spirit to pay attention to him when he speaks to us.

Our Almighty God sent his only begotten Son to die for us and indwell in us upon his resurrection that we may have spirit & life, reconciling us with God; leading us and bringing us even close to the Kingdom of God.

And when we listen, If we choose to listen, we will seek him, find him, and embrace him completely with everything we have. He owns everything. We will seek him in Spirit and in truth with our whole hearts.

We are the reason for the season of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. We are the reason for the sacrifice made by God. We are the reason His begotten son had his blood shed. Therefore we must boldly believe and declare our faith in him-abundance of life in Christ Jesus, in furtherance of his mission here on earth.

The more we deny God and fail to live like Christ, or fail to eat of his flesh, or study his word, we are knowingly or unknowingly denying ourselves of the GIFT OF LIFE.

This is why no matter how much we eat of live to nourish our physical bodies, we are still hungry, and feeling empty and dissatisfied. I am a witness! And each time this happens I am restless until I find rest in renewal of my spirit & soul.

The strategy to live like Christ shouldn’t only be of a choice but must be a nature. Being passionate about God makes us easily remorseful, and repentant. It is such a sweet experience to come before God in prayer to confess and ask for his mercies; and boldly declare faith and believe in him for our salvation.

Becoming a new creature is in it self a pride in God, which in the likeness of God we are created in righteousness and holiness of the truth. We are so dear to our Heavenly Father. The clouds shine even brighter with the hosts of angels in heaven rejoicing. Oh, a soul is being won. What a way to appreciate God for doing everything for the world at large.

Who wants life in abundance? Who wants to live eternally? Who wants to embrace the spiritual gifts and righteousness of God? Who wants redemption & salvation? Who wants to be a son of God? Who wants to eat and drink and never have hunger again?

I DO! I want even more. Smiles. I am always hungry for more… Give me more of you Lord and take more of ME. Use me Lord.

God tells us that all these and many more gift of life is found in Christ Jesus through him we were redeemed thousand years ago.

Let us not listen to what the devil has to say. He is lying to us. He does not want us saved by God’s grace. He is an accuser of brethren. He knows that the Children of God Loves God and loves to live according to his word. So he seeks daily to devour. I command you devil, Get out. Our bodies is the temple of God. Get away from us. We are a chosen generation. Amen!

So daily, the devil is building bridges to cause us to stand away from God. He wants us to deny our faith in God. He wants us to be led by the flesh. We can not be ruled by the devil. We have chosen to follow God alone. Get behind us Satan. We don’t like you. We rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Our father in heaven is still saying something. Will you listen to him every time and anytime? He is everywhere we go. He lives in us. Let us not hide him. Let boast in him and flag and live a life that pleases. He loves us so much. I can not even comprehend what manner of love is this. Can you imagine?

Oh Lord have mercy on us. We choose you. You are indeed our Heavenly Father. Lead us not into temptation and deliver us from all evil Oh God. We know you have set us free. We are free indeed.

We love you and we love all God’s people. Out of our belly flows Rivers of Living water.

Thank you Jesus for everything.

Thank you God’s people for listening. May we also be doers of his word.



Anyaku Alicho Onyebuchi.