The Beauty of Giving

There is something so beautiful about a true christian. The more you look, the more you see the true nature of the one you seek – Jesus Christ.

He was a compassionate person, he gave with all his heart. He had the people’s interest at heart. Even before you come to him, he already knows your need.

That is the kind of life I personally seek to live daily. Giving is beautiful. It makes me so happy to give. I can stay all day hungry just saving money or something to give to another. It makes me completely overwhelmed with joy.

I like to tell you a story. I realize that God placed something on my hands and something in my heart. God placed power and authority in my hands, and in my heart he placed himself and above all he placed people.

Therefore, God has given me the power to impact the world. He has given you the same power to impact the world.

The question now is, what do we have for the world? What do we have to give? What is the impact? Is it positive or negative.

A certain man woke up one fateful day, and all he had on his mind was to engage in robbery and massacre. In fact he took time to plan the robbery. It was a careful analysis. And when the mission was accomplished, he felt very happy. To him everything was good. Guess what, on the other side lives were lost as to the robbery and properties were lost. Now is this a positive impact or a negative impact.

Let us look at God and his heart in relation to impacting the world. The bible tells us that God is the creator of everything. I mean everything. He gave us the product of his mouth. Everything there is on earth, in heaven and in the world, belongs to him. Regardless of your belief, relationship with him, or son ship, he cares for us all. He is the ultimate giver. He gave without looking to receive. He gave knowing that someday someone will rise and disobey his commands causing and influencing people to turn away from him. God gave you and I what we are today. He made me, he made you, he made them, he made everything there is from the sand to the air, east to west, north, south, centre; everything was made by him.

Will kneel or bow for a minute, for he is indeed worthy to be praised and adored. Oh Ancient Of Days.

Imagine what manner of God is this. He went on, to set a stimulation that will enable himself to dwell in us. So that when you give to man, he is the one giving through you because he lives in you.

This is why he sent his son to come and make it clear to you and I to turn away from our disbelief, to rebuke and denounce every satanic hold, covenant and agreements, and receive him through his son – as our personal Lord and saviour. This was ultimate gift to mankind.

If you believe you will receive him. And yearn for him like you do the one you love in return. Now I speak to you in The name of Jesus that every satanic veil upon your eyes be torn and cast out. I speak to you to begin to see what God has done for you and for me. Let that gift to give be a seed sown in now in Jesus me.

When Jesus was here as a man, he saw the multitude of people hungry. Oh wow! He was anxious to feed them all. He knew that it was a ground to let God reveal his glory to his people. He brought in five loaves of bread and two fishes. Indeed he was a magician…. Smiles.

Now listen, when he was done in that act of miraculous giving…he was happy like his father was after seven days of creation he saw that it was beautiful.

The feature of Christianity is that of love and giving or sharing. You can not be known as a true christian if you are not willing to share what you have or give. Am not talking about sharing of ones spouse with another man or woman, laughs… Am talking about going an extra mile to share with another the blessings you have found.

Are you responsible? Yes no doubt. But what if I tell you that your responsibility is not complete unless it has affected another positively. God gave you to me to take care of you. God gave me to you to take care of me.

This is why the whole bible is talking about love, unity, love and more love. With love this world will be a better place.

I was driving one afternoon. I had a friend in the car with me. As I drove a vehicle came across unto me without insights and I wondered why…I paused and let him pass. I went on to also let more vehicles pass by and I was waiting consciously for a vehicle to stop without me beckoning or pleading with my lights. When he stopped, I smiled and waived with blessings in my heart for him. I said to my friend accompanying me that this man is full of compassion and love amongst others. A little move love, and the world will never be the same again as far as drivers and traffic is concerned.

In the same vein. I love to stop on seeing passengers who are waiting to cross or walk pass the highway. I apply my brake at any given instance within a reasonable reach, and I let them pass. That is a sign of love. When I see people do it, my heart rejoices.

What am I saying? When you love sincerely, as commanded by God, giving will be easy. Giving is not just funds but knowledge, experiential learning, sharing skills, taking care of another’s needs… And above all saving a soul.

Save a soul today, love you neighbour as yourself. Save the world. Bring God’s people closer to him, spread the word of God. Reach out to people, speak out, compel them to know their God.

Prayer: Father in heaven, often times you speak to us like we are your babies. Yes Lord we are your babies and you do not want us hurt. You want us all to be saved and assisted one way or the other so that your glory will be revealed. Teach us to grow in love and in giving. Let us seek daily to be like you Lord for you are truly the example for all.

Thank you Lord.


Anyaku Alicho.