The Reflective Jacket

The Reflective Jacket:

Early hours on the 1st of July 2019 right in my sleep was an awakening. It was like a shining light and a voice whispering with sounds saying Reflective Jacket. Wondering what it was, the Lord said it again; “Reflective Jacket”.  

This time following it was another voice with a sound muttering “wake up” “wake up” repeatedly.  I almost opened my eyes when I heard another voice saying do not wake up now. So on a second thought, I laid back in bed yearning for a deeper understanding of the phrase; “Reflective Jacket”.

The Heart and mind journeyed with me to a time past where I always wore a Reflective gym apparel during an early morning workout/jogging – causing a reflection for people to know that someone is running by the roadside to avoid accidents or been hit by a person or upcoming vehicle.

So what does this Reflective gym wear have to do with the dream I thought. I was still fast asleep enjoying the comfort of revelation/interpretation.  It was about shining light. Letting God’s Light shine and shining God’s Light. second revelation was to put on a Reflective Jacket to shine God’s light and as an armour for the whole world to see the goodness of God; to stand firmly and against satanic attacks and devices.

Dear Lord’s People – A Reflective Jacket for you and me.  We thank God for a bright new day and for his covering. Thank you Lord for giving me the boldness to share this with your people. Amen.


Anyaku Alicho.