The Halleluyah Water Fast

Season Two (2)

Fasting is very important to God. It has become very fashionable in Christendom. Fasting means abstaining; from a particular thing. In most cases, people abstain from food, drinks, social habits, water, etc.

Sometimes people wonder why they should fast and what they can abstain from. The answer to that is dependent on the season and the reason when you actually start to think of fasting. The Holy Spirit comes in our hearts and whispers to us good tidings, times and seasons, what to abstain from, what to pray for, and how to get back our health and life. The Holy Spirit tells you this is what you should do, or he says to you; that a particular habit is hindering you from attaining the intimate relationship with God that you truly desire.

Procrastination can actually be a problem. The more you procrastinate a fast that has been laid in your hearts by God himself, is the more restless a person can be. Many years ago, God showed me what was about to happen in my life. Little did I know that procrastinating the period of deep prayers and fasting was going to hurt me in the long run. The voice of the Lord came to me in my sleep time and work time. He was every where. I heard His voice; but I was not sure what was expected of me.

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Season One (1)

God said to me to pray and fast for 265 days. Oh my goodness! How is that possible. I continued to ask this question. I remember sending messages to family and friends, in search of their thought. I went to God in prayers, and he said to me, just start. Do it in sessions. It will launch you to an assignment for me, your God, and for the world, my people whom I love so much and sent my Son to die for. God spoke to me in clear terms through the person of the Holy Spirit.

I did start to fast. I was married, so I asked my husband for permission. Smiles! He was very interested in what I had to say. I have prayed for God to come in his heart and soften it even more before he hears the fasting plan. So, I asked him to please help me with that task. Of course, all I wanted was his acceptance and understanding of what I was asked to embark on. He explained that I could focus on a weekly basis or sessions as a start since I was not accustomed to prolonged fasting. It was good. I was excited to begin the fast.

Guess what? Maybe there was something I didn’t do quiet well. I should have dealt with it in prayers and focused even more so that when the time of pressure comes, it won’t sweep me off. However, I did pray and everyday was a success up till the night of the third day. He was not happy I was not breaking the fast at 6pm and I was not eating. In fact, he reported me to my folks. He said please help me speak to he, I don’t want anything to happen to her; she must eat ad break the fast. Are you serious, I thought! But, I just started.

Anyway, that scene ended the fast. I was not strong enough to understand what to say or how to go about it. I had to align with the authority at home. Few year’s later and unfortunately, I transitioned from been married to separated. Even though I pushed and pushed and pushed to win back my home; it was obvious that God meant His word; when he said unless two be agreed they can not work together. And also, a man must leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife. And also, though shall not out asunder…. It does not mean that asunder will not come. But when it comes, what will you do as a couple? Or, as the Father of the home whose head lays on a neck.

In this writing, I will show you how been separated became a blessing in place of the heartbreak and betrayal of love and friendship.

Before I begin, remember that nothing takes the place of God in the life if a true believer. Th more you hold on to it, it becomes an idol, making God unhappy or making your relationship with God stand still. It becomes even better when you are in a relationship or married to someone that loves God and understands His words and the principles it carries. I am not saying that this trait was totally absent; but it failed when it was tested by God and man.

Until we pass a test, God can not give us the wealth we sick. Until we are tested we cannot he trusted. So if you are on a mission; it could be a friendship, a marriage, a business, etc. always pay attention to the period of testing, and apply the word of God to that matter. Apply the principles of God to that matter. And in the end, what you see is a solution making machine – the word of God for the world today. I did apply it when adversity came, but my partner could not, today we are still separated. I wish Him the best of Life. And I pray that the love of God will never depart from him.

Wao! Please forgive me for taking all that time to talk about the past. You know what, the past is my today, because without the past, I will not be here today talking to you this way. I used to talk about God, write about about, preach His word. I used to do good everywhere I go. I am still a lover of people. But, I was not functioning with Holy Ghost. Something was missing. No wonder it was easy for the devil to break us apart. I would pray and sing and do everything good. I boast in the Lord, I was and still is a very good woman. Yet, I had to face the reality of being separated. And I began to pray and relate with God even more. I can not explain what that has done for me.

God took me away from the heart of the man who despises his word. He took me away from the heart and life of the man who I thought was everything. I used to call him my everything. My Iroko. He was my champion, my best friend. But when I needed him most, he failed me and despised God’s Word for the operation of our home. Not only that, but I give God all the Glory for the decision he made. He dealt with me and showed me his true identity. That is not him. He is better than than. He is a great person. What is going on? What kind of man did you give me Lord? This was always my prayer. What have I done wrong? What did we do wrong?

And the Lord said to me, you are a daughter of Zion. What I have with you is too big, too much. I can only let the devil do things so I can test the heart and the man. I didn’t do it. The devil did, and he failed the test. Not to worry, he will pay for it. Now, you have to keep your eyes up on me. Continue in your good endeavors. Follow me. Walk with me. Stay with me. I will comfort you, and in the end, I will reveal the crown to you. You have done nothing. Marriage is like a plant. The man must plant a good seed for the wife (fruit) to blossom. The problem is with the seed, until the foundation (husband) follows my word, the tree will perish. Pay attention to this one says the Lord, fruits can grow everywhere on every good soil with seed. But seeds will never grow unless it is changed. My word is enough to guide. As a lily, you will blossom and shine your lights. Let this be your comfort. Shine your lights, let t he world see, and let all the Glory be ascribed to me, says the Lord of Host.

This transition was a breakthrough. The wilderness season is over. I have made mistakes and learnt my lessons. God’s mercy is everywhere around me. I began to pay attention to God’s Word even more and I prayed without season. Sooner than later the interpretation of 265 and other dreams was shown to me by the HolySpirit. It will be in phrases. It was for prayers and gospel missions and business. God is moving us all up to a place he wants us to be, without distractions of hate from the world.

It was not easy going through it all, but God said by my side even closer than before. I decided to start the vehicle for 265 commissions, and I yearned to have the fast. In trying to focus on it, I got an apartment for myself and refused to purchase anything in it. I was ready to abstain from TV, cooking and other habits at home I love. Unfortunately, in one year of struggling to fast, and denying myself of comfort at home, I still could not achieve one week fasting at least without a break. I opened gates to Satan to flood my mind with fleshly distractions. Bad friends got hold of me out of my good deeds. I was unable to overcome the temptations of unwanted distractions. I was always eating out. Actually, it was difficult to get my mind to believe the reality of been all by myself and purchasing households equipments and utilities all over again. Oh yes! Everything I had to make a house comfortable, I left it behind with him. That is the beauty of marriage I believe.

After one year, it dawned on me that until I make my house comfortable and buy foods for the house, I will not be able to overcome t he temptation of eating. This means that avoiding to have food kept around you is not the power we need to overcome the desires to eat or be distracted. I was going to embark on a mission and all I wanted is a strong will power. Eventhough I get exposed to the foods I like; I prayed to look at it and say a big No.

Two days before the Halleluyah Water Fast Season One, I had just bought everything my apartment needs. And oh wow! It was good. I didn’t know I was going to start the fast. I had prepared foods and oh… I can’t explain how beautiful the foods were. I bought new set of TV, air condition, fridge, cooker, Gen set… I got so much of drinks, juice, rice…Oh My Lord.

And then I taught it’s time to eat home made food. When I went to bed, I thank God for everything. In the middle of the night, the Holy Spirit woke me up and said to me, Anyaku, it is time to begin the fast. I said what? How? Not now please? I beg you Lord. He said No! This is time you will fast and pray. I am about to take you higher and let you see what you must see. I woke up that morning and I felt fresh and thirsty. So I made a cup of tea and told myself I would try to fast that day and if it works, fine!

So, I had a cup of tea, and I went about my day feeling settled in my mind up till the evening I ate some vegetables. The next day, I had to accept to prepare for the fast. But I just wanted something to make me accountable. So I created a post for Instagram and by faith I wrote out the duration of the fast and the theme; just the way the Holy Spirit laid it in my heart.

Here it is:

I begun the fast titled the Halleluyah Water Fast. Till today, I do not know how God took me from day one to day 21 without food. The only thing I drank was water and the word of God. There were lots of changes. I got out of it feeling the best of God’s love reigned down on me. This is your Glory Lord.

Since completion of the 21days Halleluyah Water Fast on the 2nd of November 2020, I have had some engagements with fasting here and there in line with church activities. Last two weeks I concluded a post encounter seven days water fast.

I am on a mission with God Almighty. Therefore, I can not pretend to live by bread alone. I believe I can keep riding on living in the word of God, and you so doing I am fulfilling his task. By the Grace of God, today is the first day of the second session of the Halleluyah Water Fast. Unlike the previous one, I will be drinking water, and teas made out of fruits, herbs and spices.

I humbly invite the Holy Spirit to stay with me now I need him most. I also invite anyone to speak to God about this and begin the fast when you can, if you can. It is the Lord that makes provisions for us.

Thank you so much for listening. I hope that you enjoy the story. Please subscribe or send me an email to express your love.

I love you all.


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