True believers of God takes over the city with passion for God.

There is a lot in store for true believers of God in the presence of world’s pandemic fear. God hides them in the secret place of His presence. God has shown us His marvelous kindness in a strong nation like Nigeria. Therefore, be of good courage, for the Lord has strengthened your hearts. All who hope on the Lord this season will be under the shadow of the Almighty. True believers must know their place this season and stand firm in faith till the end.

Do not fear the fears of the world. When others are wondering and running helter_skelter, you must be flying up like eagle. It is time to flag off Christ. It is time to take over the city.


  • Radio Communication
  • Written publications of God’s word and encouragement
  • Small groups/cell evangelism
  • Media broadcast
  • Responding Strategically to media broadcast, etc
  • Praying like we never before
  • Planting cells in vicinities
  • Focusing on the bigger picture; which is leading people aright and bringing them closer to Jesus.
  • Setting our eyes on the prize through continuous positive transformation
  • Evaluating every potent resource, event or activity from the outset with the end goal in mind.
  • Transform the city without any political imposition.
  • Let this transformation be a wrestle against the spiritual warfare of the enemy in this world.
  • Let the Church exercise authority and dominion like Jesus; with a heart of love and a life of compassion and holiness for a decaying world.
  • Let the followers of Jesus Christ become disciples and disciple makers with all of their hearts.
  • The marketplace needs the Gospel of Jesus
  • Look beyond producing church members to producing devoted disciples of God who themselves are renewed and transformed. This is an inside-outside strategy. Let change begin from within the church and its members. This transformation if successful within, will flow outward with a force to permeate the cities
  • This is not a bed full of roses. Stay strong and courageous.
  • Become a radical solution provider.
  • Focus on united prayer. Pray in the church, pray outside the church, mix up with other denominations and pray to God only.
  • Let there be total reconciliation and settlement of differences within the Church, amongst leaders and congregation.
  • Hope in God for positive change to saturate.
  • Celebrate Jesus Christ daily and never forget the transactions and the prize he purchased.
  • Promoting team synergy.

Christian Soldiers, March onward this season.

God is still saying something.

Thank you for reading.


Anyaku Alicho Missions.