In the Bible, there are men that served the Lord with so much passion. What will happen if people loose their passion for God? Let us imagine this for a moment. How can we go through this season without being passionate for the things of God? In our various lives, without passion, or being ambitious, being productive is far fetched. If we stay in our comfort zone for so long, we will be swept off by the wind of change and growth.
Passion ignites our best. It makes us become better actualizers. Today, the world is reading articles, and listening to news. If someone did not write it, there will be no news. God was passionate about the world that was why he created the heavens and the earth. He was passionate to save people, he sent his son to us. God was very passionate about redeeming man back to himself. It didn’t matter to him if he was loosing his only begotten son to save the people. But, what is the challenge today?

Jesus came, and commissioned us to do greater works. He did all he could and set the path for us to follow. Literally, he bought the vehicle, cleared the path, commissioned the project, and gave us the master plan to work with. What then is the challenge today? Instead of being passionate about Jesus, we are drawn towards the disease that has been dealt with many years ago. Instead of looking in God’s word for comfort and encouragement, we are looking to newspapers for the number of deaths Recorded. How pitiful? Who is proclaiming the Goodnews about God’s Grace?

It is time for the church to invade the world and promote evangelism.
It is time for the church to be more passionate and empowered through small groups to do more than they ever thought they could.
It is time for leaders to LEAD with extra caution.
It is time for relationships to be built and for people to be identified. This will promote interaction between one another.
It is time to encourage each other like never before and give strength to each other.
It is time to be like one big family.
It is time to love one another.
It is time to give opportunity to others for leadership development.
It is time for man to sharpen another.
It is time to exercise ministry gifts and serve the Lord in his army.
It is time to equip the saint’s for the work of ministry.
It is time to live the right lifestyle.
It is time to test the reliability and accountability of the church.
It is time for believers to grow in Christ-likeness.
It is time to harness the fruits of the Spirit.

How can these happen when the people are not passionate?
The invading church is a church passionate for Jesus. It is a church ready to carry the mandate in tough times. Rise up Soldiers of the Lord. Rise up Church Of God. Rise up and take this mandate to the ends of the earth. The Lord makes provision for us.

Fly away you corona virus. You cannot steal our passion for God. You cannot steal our loyalty and faith in God. Bring it on, true believers put together are an Invading church ready to serve and celebrate the Lord today.

Corona Virus is mostly celebrated notoriously, it is only a virus. It is a disease; unfortunately, a pandemic disease. In all senses, corona virus is not the Lord Our Saviour. Our God is bigger and better than Corona Virus. What he did for us still is mind blowing. The plan of God is good for us; it gives us life. It will not kill us. God wants the world to hear his message, through the death and resurrection of His son and the Gospel of Jesus.

Therefore, without ambiguity, Jesus is the reason for this season, and not corona virus. Become more passionate about God.


This pandemic disease is not to make us tremble in fear, discouraged or depressed. It is here for us to open our eyes to see the greater picture – the last days as recorded in the book of revelation.

Being passionate about God, his missions and relations is a Kingdom call or reminder for you and me to check ourselves. Are we ready? The Lord expects true believers to stand firm and uphold their faith; to stand in the gap in prayers for one another; to seek peaceful harmony, get rid of the chaos and evil confrontations.

Let the invading church; the Lord’s chosen army or people pray against this evil disease and bind it out of our nation and country’s. Healing is our portion. Good health is our portion. We can not let the devil deceive us.

God relies for men that will leaders of truth and eagerness to say yes to him. God wants the church to lead this generation, and advance His Kingdom. The invading church is ready to carry out the gospel missions of God however they can using the mediums or opportunities made available for us today.

Thank you for reading.


Anyaku Alicho Missions.