The Shutdown of Covid- 19

Let me tell you something about Covid- 19. It has no life of God in it. What then happens? It is Dead. Covid- 19 has been shutdown by God. Greater is He that owns everything. Greater is he that is in me. We call forth the name that is above every other name on this subject matter (coronavirus); and we overtake the world with a goodnews.

Covid- 19 is Dead & Gone.

Lord God, we thank you for the shield of your Glory radiating light throughout the earth. Your Spirit is in our nostrils. We breathe anew your life giving Spirit. You have given us the power to rule and dominate all things. This adversary called Covid- 19 can not dominate our opinion of victory in the Lord Jesus. Amen.

Dear Covid-19, you can never stay amongst us, our bodies is the temple of God.


Anyaku Alicho Missions.