God first gave us His Heart. Really?

Yes. God did give us His Son. If there is one person for whom I could give my heart all over again, it’s Jesus. I die for him daily. God’s concept of giving another your heart awakens me. It was out of His decision to give His Heart that he could give. He first gave us His son, first in His heart. I want to believe God does have a heart.

I chose to die for you so that you can live and proclaim the goodness of the Lord; and victory throughout the earth.

The death of Jesus was on purpose. He had to align to the will of the Father. He knew that without the love of the Father for people, he would not have been sent to earth. He knew that everything he was going to embark on must have one focus. He lived on this earth as an extraordinary strategist. He could understand the game of Satan. He overcame every sin because his eyes were on the crown – our redemption of sins.

He came to live the life that you and me can not live. And then to show us the way back to our father. That is very good. Now is the time of harvest and preparation of the great Army. Will you follow Him.

Jesus chose to die for you and me. He wants us to be with our Father and enjoy the in our fathers land. Jesus loves you.


Come walk with him, the road is rough and narrow. Come walk with him and He will see you true.

What a way to appreciate a man that died for us. Walking with Him in spirit and in truth with a contrite heart is what he ask for. Even the birds are aware of the love of God.