Great Faith.

Today, I like to share with you the wonders of faith.
How can we talk about faith and not remember people in the Bible exhibiting faith. The Bible have records of men and women standing strong and not compromising their faith.

Esther was known for her thorough approach to faith. She made a choice to stand tall or firm or just die trying. She was not going to give up her faith in God for people. She was bent on seeing her people saved. God directed her footsteps. She walked in line with the principles of God. What about Daniel and ors. I have never seen a man let himself be thrown into a burning Furnace just to prove their faith in God. I can’t even stand hot water on my skin.

What lessons can you take from situation of Esther?
A key lesson is to Pray.
Prayer is the key to puzzles unsolved.
It is the key to making right decisions.
It is the key to knowing God’s Will
It is the key to aligning to the instructions set out in the word of God.

I also remember the times Esther had to mourn and fast. It was out of her humility that she practiced a fasting to reach out to God.

She wore sack clothes. She never worried what anyone had to say.

Are you a woman, a teen lady, an adult. I want you to seek out for Esther’s underlying strategies. It does not matter what you have to loose in the end or gain. But staying true to faith in God and aligning to that which he has said in his word is everything.

Now you may be married and we all know that every married woman has an authority at home. In this case a woman submits to the authority and covering of the husband. In the same vein, there are life scenarios that allows us to submit or align to instructions maybe at home, in the office, in our businesses; So many will wonder what The situation posed requests that I do that which God sees as iniquity or unfaithful?

What if my husband request I bow before another god? What if a person is requesting I become fraudulent. What if hunger makes me want to steal from another or kill another. Or what if my insatiable desire for materialistic things makes me want to compromise my faith in God. What if my life is on the line and I am asked to kill my own sister?

Listen, you must keep asking yourself the what if question. What if? Why do we do what we do? What if we are asked to do that which we ain’t supposed to do? What will be your reaction?

Jesus lived a faithful life. And God says we too can do it. It is time for us to get up and start to daily reflect on our actions, motivations etc. Slowly we will become the change we want to see in this world.

Have you ever been asked to serve another God? You already know the answer to this. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and every other thing will be added to you. Stay faithful to relationships. Stay faithful to God. Your reward is in heaven.

Anyaku Alicho Missions.