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Embracing the Future


Our Future is very important. Times are changing. Seasons are changing. Everything is happening so fast. I can not but imagine that in this season many will emerge a new person with great success.

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How can this be? What should we do differently?

Should we just wake up and face whatsoever is before us in the day without preparedness for what lies ahead? No, we shouldn’t. We have been gifted by God in many ways to face the day with faith and works. We have been blessed since creation to take charge of our destiny and embrace our future with all our might and strength.

#future #Works #faith #God.

What do you see today? What do you anticipate tomorrow?

I see the world. I see how technology is changing. I see people and nations battle for progress, growth and development. I believe that you resonate with this. We are all facing challenging situations daily. The goodnews is we have a God who promised us a good life.

Jeremiah 29:11 New King James Version

11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Wow! Just knowing that God promised us a good future is enough for us to believe that goodnews will prevail.

#development #daily #growth.

It is not enough to think. It is not enough to speak. This is the time and season to take action that can accelerate positive change in our endeavors.

#positive #endeavour #youth #man #woman.

The accelerating rate of change makes it difficult to stay innovative, especially because processes that worked in the past are becoming less and less effective. Why do you think traditional ways of inventing new products no longer work?

#innovative #lifestyle #products

Evolution has taught us a great deal about the accelerating rate of change. What can we take away? What can we really do differently to transform our lives positively?

#transform #lives

The technology’s rate of change continues to get faster and faster. If change is exponential, what will that mean for our future?

Few months ago students could not go to school and be taught in class. Friends could not visit each other. Why? People had to align to the state’s policy or order – #stayathome #togetherapart #lockdown due to the #covid19.

Say it Loud!
Embrace Your Future
You have got the Can Do Power.
Glory to God.

Today, it is important that we begin to work together as a people to react positively to lives changing processes. It is most important to embrace our future.

I can not overemphasize the need to begin today to take charge of your tomorrow.

Please invite your friends, children, teens, family and anyone to partake in this program. We learn everyday. You never can tell what you will learn that will cause a shift in your life.

The Lord remains our Shepherd.


Anyaku Alicho Missions.

On behalf of Hype Foundation Lagos

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