How can I live without you Oh Lord!

You complete me.
Everything I am, is you.
You made me this beautiful
And gave me a life so beautiful
You blessed me with a family
With friends, relatives, and the world at large
So that we can live together as one body in Christ
So that we can enjoy your good tidings.

You do not only complete me but you complete them. You came into our hearts and you are still staying in it. Not because we look beautiful but because without you we are incomplete.

I am incomplete without you Oh God.
I am complete in Christ Jesus.

Do you ever feel bold in your Spirit to Say “you are complete in Christ”?
I feel very courageous.
I am bold to say it.
I can shout it.

Listen to it again.
I am complete in Christ.
Yes I am complete in Christ.

You are complete in Christ Jesus
No matter the condition of things.
We shout it, we shout again and again
For we are serving a living God.
Yes! We are complete in Christ Jesus
You Complete us Lord.

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