SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING – Underlying Secrets of Genesis 1: 1-5

With my mouth, I command light upon my life and all endeavors in
Jesus Christ Mighty Name.

About two weeks ago, I was about to open a new book in the Bible. Then, I felt a push within me. That was the Holy Spirit bringing something to my attention. And there it was; the message to “start afresh”.

To study God’s word from beginning and share same reading and the secrets in it. God is glorious.

God spoke to me; he will do same to you. If you listen to Him, I believe you will get His messages in this last days. I say you and me because I do not want to believe the message is for me alone.

Smiles. Let us get back to Genesis – to the beginning. God wants us to see something new something fresh.

Anyaku Alicho Missions started afresh on Genesis 1. As we continue in our studies, we pray for God to bless us with a spirit of wisdom and understanding; spirit of interpretation and direction to know what is expected of us in this last days.

The making of something out of nothing. The earth was without form. It was shapeless. Yet God saw that he could make light out of it: this goes to say that in every situation, there is a possibility that it will get better.

God created the heavens and the earth. He created something out of nothing. Light out of darkness, form out of formlessness, shape out of shapelessness. God made us to see how something can be made from nothing, by a word mouth and the move of the Holy Spirit.

Laughter out of Sadness

You are getting better, I am getting better. Our lives will never remain the same again. Things are getting better. We command light in our lives. We command light to come out of darkness. Our lights shine bright and the world can see and glorify our good Lord in Heaven.

There two things that brought this light into being, namely; A God, his mouth and the mighty works of the Holy Spirit. In other God Himself and the power of His mouth.

Secondly, God’s Creation is good and not evil.

In other to buttress on this point.

We saw how God created light out of darkness. And in verse four (4) he said “it was good”.

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness. (Genesis 1:3-4).

The devil seeks to deceive us for us. He never stops offering us a counterfeit. But like Christ, we overcome the temptations of the devil by the blood of Jesus Christ. The devil has nothing good for us. He tries to tempt us to belive he can do us good. It is Bod who can do us good and bring something good that ends in good according to his will to give us an expected end.

During the creation, God saw that the light was good. Ever wondered why God-cared to check the status of His creation? Or if his creation was good or bad?. I believe he was strategically distinguishing His creation from the creation of the devil.

Glory to God.

In recapitulation,

  • God created something out of nothing
  • The creation of God is good.

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