No doubt, leaders are faced with a decision to make in matters relating to the health and peace of the nation. Two things are very important to mention here. Choosing to die the death of shame or living a life of victory in Christ. A nation or a people die a shameful death when they choose to follow the works of Satan.

What are the works of Satan? His works are contrary to the will of God and plan of God for our lives. Our God is a good God. No one else like Him. He promises us good tidings. We are not alone. We are redeemed. The plan of God is to prosper us and bring no harm to us. God has plans to give us hope and a future. You see; it is the devil who wants to steal our future. But he can’t. He is a looser. We bind him out of our lives, our nation, our countries and our hearts in Jesus Christ Mighty Name: amen.

People are forming associations here and there. What is the motive? God sees your hearts. Are you gathering as one body in Christ Jesus or gathering to create crisis in this world. Let the blood of Jesus Christ wipe out every evil gathering this season in Jesus Christ Mighty Name.


The Bible says in Matthew 18:20; For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them. Coming together allows God to reveal himself to you and you to reveal him to others.

There is a mandate for you and I. We can also accomplish the work of the church. The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on us, because the Lord has anointed us to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent us to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners…to comfort all who mourn…” Isaiah 61:1-2. God gave us a chance to become fruitful and multiply. And he is still giving us time to live and accomplish all good works in His Name. It does not matter the capacity that we function in. We are all called to show forth mighty things – good changes in the marketplaces and positive transformations in the lives of many.

What are you doing right now? Does that action please the Lord?

When we serve our country with all our might, in honesty, in ways like Jesus, we will give flesh to the spiritual promises that you have benefitted from God and share them with the world!

You are very important to God. What you do in the marketplace for Jesus Christ means a lot. Are you for Jesus? Are you in the Lord’s Side.

Remember that the devil is always at work to put to end a nations love for God. History has it that Africa is first in line when it comes to God or gospel missions. I still do not have answers to that claim. God sees our heart… no one can really say who or which country is not pleasing God. How do we even know that we do please Him?. Have mercy on us oh mighty God.

Now, on the death of shame is obviously a satanic path with its factors such as corrupt governance systems, lack of belief in God, placement of policies to put an end to public worship/fellowship/churches, not been born again, these acts opens gates to the devil and closes the doors and hinders the work of God.

Now what is the situation here?

What is more important? Satanic advancement or Advancing the Kingdom of God.

World leaders are troubled with the great issues faced in the world today. People are desperate to control and rule, some are hungry and desperate to take off from poverty and frustrations.

Are we in Christ Jesus? Are we children of God. We make a mistake to assume that we can follow another principles different from our maker. There are rules to life eternal. (John 3:16)

Just like the legislators make policies and expect the people to obey or adopt the norm; God gave rules to help and protect us. We overcome the world and live in peace by aligning to the principles embedded in the word of God, living right, and teaching others the way – Jesus Christ. May we submit to authority. May we submit to the instructions of God for our lives on earth. We are in this world but not of this world.

God wants you to live under his authority, according to his truth, so you can truly be free. God wants us to know the truth. Leaders must teach people the truth in God’s word. God gave you and I the assignment to preach his word. It is either you are for or against the Lord. What are you teaching others? What life are you living? Your fruits can produce good fruits or bad fruits: beware!

We can not win in these last days if we continue to lead people wrongly. In other to lead right you just be following the right compass yourself. That is the problem the world is facing…. we all must align to the instructions of our maker; so we can know how to overcome the things of this world and proclaim our victory in Christ Jesus.

Father in the name of Jesus Christ, we receive the seven eyes of the spirit to go through this decade in such a way that we can apply the things that are freely given to us oh God – power to dominate everything.

Therefore Lord Jesus we pray for all States authority all over the world. Let your word permeate into the hearts of men and women that ghey May know what is expected of us to do in ghis times.

The devil may keep roaring but that is a “useless kind of roar”. He can not come near us. Amen. We will come out victorious because we have the nature of God in us. We walk in the light of God.

We cast out every world crisis from the pit of hell sent to bring turbulence amongst God’s people. We say no to every crises as we look up to God alone. Our father of all fathers, the president and sovereign living God.

Yes, we are children of A father, the lion of the tribe of Judah. We Roar at all situations coming our way to cause us to fall. No plague shall come near our dwelling place because we have Christ in us.

The Life and nature of God is in us. Therefore, we draw nearer to Christ and bid Goodbye to Crisis. Bind us Oh Lord in Love & Unity that cannnot be broken or shattered these last days. Let men flee from wrong doings. Let men lead the world to you oh God. Let the eyes of our understanding be opened to understand the times and season so that like the children of Issachar we will know what we ought to do.

May we act right and lead right all the days of our lives in Jesus Christ Mighty Name: amen.

Christ lives in us. Every Crisis in the world ceases right away in Jesus Christ Mighty Name. A new life, a new hope, a fresh life style. Thank you Lord.

Christ Lives In Us.

Glory Glory to God.

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