Be of good conduct.

Mask your Face! Not your hearts. Open your heart to God. Be true to him. Also be true to others – relationship with man.

Do not let the face mask take away your love and Christianity. Relate with people in love. You see; it is great that we do cover our face as part of the measures to stop the spread the unknown: but do let it take away your salvation.

There is a big difference between masking your face and reacting from a masked heart.
It is out of love that Jesus came down to relate with man. His mission could have been incomplete without man or the redemption of the sin of man.

It was out of God’s love for you and I that he sent his son. Jesus had an unmasked heart. He was open to win you and I back to God.

Now, as you go about your daily activities, remember that the state of your heart and relationship with God and man is more important.

Find measures to do what is right. Do what is right with focus on love and unity. Reach out to people. Spread God’s love. Do your best to break forth and bring people closer to God and not away from God in fear.

We are in this world but not of this world.
Whereas the states policy is all about wearing a face mask, you must look out for “salvation”.

The role of thump is Love genuinely!!

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