What are we doing:

The lives of every human are very important.  They are in a much better mood when they wake up to the sunset than when they never follow them in the evening.  Before they begin to dedicate their day to God, they imagine millions of things and forget that God created the galaxies and more.

If only they can sit and take a deep breath, they will be in a much better mood.

We are aware of the indiscretions of the flying birds.  I can imagine it is a juicy material to feel happy and charming like the 🦅 eagles.  

Certainly, we make assumptions about everything that we forget to hold on to the opportunity to live and spend the rest of the day counting their blessings and enjoying what is left to celebrate.

Sadly, many have received medals and will receive an even greater medal in the end.  

Let me start with you Dear listener, approach the day with a heart of gratitude:  it is not rocket science to get up at a certain time but, it is valuable and very pricey to research and go even closer to the maker.

I can tell that the good news is that we wish to live above and beyond and escape through the doors to eternal safety and paradise.

Once upon a time Jesus Christ stood and won the noble prize – something more beautiful.  It is not only about the prize, but, for us to get up in the morning to see what a wonderful redemption made for you and me.

Do we have the personality to flag this off everywhere we go?  

God is encouraging us to pursue the glory of His gift spread beyond the world.  I feel very badly about the chaos in the world today; I can imagine what it is for God Himself.

This is a deep feeling of inadequacy that is unimaginable.  Yet we are still very attractive to God.  He delights in merciful kindness and spreads his mercies around us.

Oh, he is also watching all over us.  How will you find a way out when you get stuck if you don’t reach out to him.

I have read something about God and I took the exit doors away from the pain and tragedies towards a new beginning every day.  It is very generous of God to create a castle of happiness for you and me.  I am sorry that you have to choose to be the bad guy or woman in the world where good choices ain’t dead after all for you to decide to pick and live with it.

God wants us to know that he genuinely awaits for us to genuinely live for him and make a change.  If only one person can decide to be a good person.  If another person can choose to act in love.  If another person can possibly choose to make the right choices; we will be living in a better world.

All that God is worried about is us.  He is not done.  He controls it all.  To everyone who seeks him diligently, he will show up and change the story whilst making your progress in life a beautiful project.

What are we doing?

We have the most beautiful Father in Heaven; in the world right there in our hearts.  May we choose to walk daily in line with his word and, walk closer to Him.

Do not let life make you so sad.  There is a way.  Do you want to hear this? God loves you.  Have you heard that before?  You can do better to love him back with all of your heart and transform the world positively.

Enjoy yourself.

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