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Anyaku Alicho

I am a lover of mankind and God. God showed me the importance of people many years ago as a teen. My family played a huge part developing me into the woman I proudly am today. My greatest asset is an ability to deal with people. I seek daily to spread God's word in collaboration with my service in the marketplace as Vice President Administration for a construction firm resident in Nigeria and the United States of America.

I have served seven years and can't wait to experience an increase diversification of lives gifts. I love to help people and business grow. In a nutshell, it delights me to spread God's word to God's people, causing them to see the best potential in themselves, leading them right, and of course bringing them even closer to God.

I am humbled by the events occurring globally. As a Global Affairs Volunteer, I am available to join other volunteers or strategists to make my country Nigeria and the world at large a better place to live in whilst still being gifted life on earth until Jesus comes to take us all to our heavenly home, a kingdom without end.