Author: Anyaku Alicho

Anyaku Alicho is on a mission with God to lead this generation. She is very passionate with gospel missions and God Himself. Her greatest assest is dealing with people. She wears a contagious smile on her face most of the time and believes that love must lead; people must shine their light so the Glory of God will reign forevermore. She loves inspiring people with her approach to life as a whole. She is a lover of uniqueness and originality. She gives every credit to God for the woman she is today. She is the founder of Anyaku Alicho Missions and the producer of Eyes Of Wealth Podcast; a vision set to facilitate people and businesses with "wealth'' in the marketplace for JESUS. Anyaku Alicho Onyebuchi currently serves as the Vice President Administration for a US owned civil and commercial development company. She holds degrees in Law, History, International Studies, Business Administration, and International Business Law. She is a Global Affairs Strategist and Writer with specialization in gospel relations, leadership, administration, management, media and communications. She is a ghost writer for institutions and various personalities. She is also a global volunteer, and currently open for invitations to be part of a mission that can safe the world.