Tea & Fitness Passion


It is interesting to be authentic about the things that you love the most.  I love to drink tea and keep fit.  Today, I have become a tea entrepreneur and a brand promoter on fitness.  I have a strong vision, and I can’t wait to share the reality with you someday.

Managing Life is paramount to promoting a healthy lifestyle.  Everyone loves to live healthy and live long.  Yet, being passionate about it makes it even fun.


Seven years ago, I began to share my tea & fitness routines with friends and family, and in no distant time I became a tea entrepreneur and a jump rope enthusiast.  I bought the teas from China.  The teas are hand picked organic teas.  I can not over emphasize the benefits.  There are three things I love about tea and its benefits.  A tea life style keeps you for ever young.  It repairs the body cells, and lastly it is a body fat shredder.  smiles!

As I just recalled this funny moment during a tea exhibition last week.  I wrote a caption titled “Body Fat Shred”‘ and customers kept asking if this was for real.  Ahhh, yes of course it is for real.  it will take of the bad cholesterol in your system and set you up for a happy energised day with all its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant facts.


As a Tea Entrepreneur & Jump Rope Enthusiast, I believe I can enrich lives by promoting a healthy living lifestyle, and at the same time creating an income stream that will cater for missions outreach, myself and family.


I found an interesting post and here it is.


  A lifestyle is finding something that works with you and your body.  Look at the imagepost below, i can see my body type and it will do good to me if i researched even further on caring for myself and promoting a healthy living.  I am very sure that this resonates with you too. 

(https://www.stylecraze.com/articles/different-body-shapes-of-women/).  One constant factor is that we ought to get ready in our inner mind and become even more determined to look better.   I am born ready.  Are you?  If yes then you must out your jumpring rope and fix a session with the jump rope during morning routines and completely document massive benefits that will follow.  Congratulations.  I can see you move from size 8 to 10 and more.  Hey Dear! it is not easy.   But The Lord’s Grace is sufficient.

This picture here is so funny.   

body types

Can you see that?  so, what body type are you?  I believe that I am a …. oh My Lord, its quite difficult to say.  I need to get back to the gym.  Enjoy yourself and lets create a plan together that works.   Spy on the foods I eat here once more on https://www.instagram.com/anyakualichokitchenandtea/.

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Thanks for listening.

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