Tea & Fitness Passion

I grew up with a focus on uniqueness & originality.   As years come by, it is evident that people, natural healing/health and fitness inspires me.

Life and lives management is key.  Everyone loves to live healthy and live long.  Yet, being passionate about it makes it even fun.

The whole idea is my focus that hinges on the following, creating a picture of FUNLIFE.


Seven years ago, I began to share my tea & fitness routines with friends and family, and in no distant time I became a tea entrepreneur and a jump rope enthusiast. The teas are hand picked organic teas that boost body weight management and acts as a disease preventer, and of course youthful restoration.

As a Tea Entrepreneur & Jump Rope Enthusiast, I believe I can enrich lives by promoting a healthy living lifestyle, and at the same time creating an income stream that will enable the flocks be fed.. Smiles!

I pushed stronger and started promoting this to the world at large through the medium of Instagram Channel. The tea & Fitness portfolios are known independently as @anstantea and @eyewealthskips. Also, I am currently promoting a Skip Fit Nation Nigeria, @skipfitnationng.

8F003EAC-9108-4462-8C2B-AF5D298CB855.pngI pray fervently that this project/platforms will build relationships between people (man & woman) and inspire them to live a healthy lifestyle.

Leave a message if you love to enjoy tea with me.


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