“a life without love for God and people is fruitless” – Anyaku Alicho Writings

About Anyaku Alicho

Truly, it feels like heaven to be blessed with an opportunity to express myself for a minute and talk about how “grateful” I am to be alive witnessing more of God’s unfailingly love and great relationships with man.  Thank you for your good presence here.  You are very important to me.

I am amongst this rich generation who now understand even more the importance of the God Factor.   I am Anyaku Alicho, a Christian girl in training whose life is a testimony and by the Grace of God, I serve as Vice President Administration with 7 years of experience in the construction industry, with renowned expertise in corporate & financial affairs, negotiation, customer service, business administration and management.  I manage all company’s operation in Nigeria, without any negative reports so far.   Mathematically, I function positively more than 95% every time.  I was named favourite employee by my employer 7 years in a roll.  It was a very huge gift and I have not only held it tight, but assumed the position of trust.  It was and still is God’s own will that I still serve today hoping for a better tomorrow.   I have learnt to work with all my heart and be the best for the good of the company, our growth, and of course for my good (leading by example and building bridges that will stand as a foundation for our good future as a company and a whole person).

Presently, I am looking forward to another phase of the Ebonyi Independent Power Plant Project.  This project is about to become one of Nigeria’s favourite power supply to the national grid if every key factor is met considerably.

I am a business strategist who is always willing to go on meetings and site to get things done and be successful at it.  As a business coach, I learnt to live smart and DO MY BEST and then lead right so as to help people and businesses grow.    As a philanthropist, I have led more than 50 people to move from one level to another in their lives.  My greatest ability is dealing with people.  But, I am most passionate about God and the Gospel Mission of Jesus.  I have failed him and I still do, but God has always proved to be so merciful and loving.

As a holistic writer and researcher, I started  Eyewealthsnet as a blogger in the year 2010.

Eyewealthsnet is a press-blog/network page created ten years ago for the furtherance of Gospel Mission on earth.

One morning in my teens right in Secondary School, I woke up and started to write on the things and words that reflects and flashes in my eyes, and not only that but in my head, in my ear, and in my heart.  I could see and hear words and stories that can be a good inspiration to another.  It felt like someone was whispering to me.  It must be the Holy Spirit.  Yet, I was just learning to grow physically and spiritually.

I spent most of my time meditating and writing.  Since then, I started talking about the beauties of the kingdom of God and contemporary living on earth – Gospel Truths, Missions & Relations.

I wrote anywhere and about anything everywhere.  God himself was instilling in me the write lifestyle.  Today, I write with too much enthusiasm and compassion for you and I to learn more and be blessed in different ways.

It is my honour to introduce some writings to you. It all encompasses walking alongside the compass of God with right character daily to create or live a life that pleases God.

Thank you for your presence here.